Bonnet Safety catch picture

I need a photo, when my car came back from the body shop they had lost my ‘Bonnet Safety Catch’ I managed to obtain one from Jack White of Jagnuts (540-743-4037) but it did not come with the spring and I need to make one BUT I would like to know what direction it goes in and how it is bent, close up photos would be appreciated.



PS. I am building a collection of parts I don’t need and some I double ordered if you are looking for something I may have it, contact me on, i even give ‘some bits’ away just cover the postage.

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Memories here! I bought parts for my MK2 20 years ago from Jack White. Being in NC, I drove to his place in Virginia. Jack was one of the nicest guys I have ever met in the car world! Another great guy was Stefen Roundy in Virginia. I bought my XK140 from him. Anyone know about Stefen? He had a huge supply of Jaguar parts!

Yes he is a great guy whenever I call him for parts he just sends them before I have sent him a check, we always end up chatting for ages.

I’ve purchased a series one E-Type steering wheel and inside rear-view mirror from Stefan in years past, but hadn’t heard of his whereabouts lately. Does he have saloon parts as well?

Jack Only does Saloon parts as far as I am aware not for modern saloon just the classics.

I’m not sure which of Your cars You were mentioning but here are few shots of Mk1 bonnet catch spring.

That’s perfect, thank you

Found this: (picture is good)

Thank you that’s really helpful.

Boy did you see the extortionate shipping, phew.

If it’s only the spring you need you should be able to get one from a ‘spring specialist’ and just bend the ends to the required shape. Even though it’s a spring,

I worked on electro-mechanical devices for years and often, on site, I had to strengthen a spring which had weakened over time, and I didn’t have a new one. I just cut off a loop or two then reformed the ends to the shape I needed with a pair of pliers. I always found that the would will bend quite easily.