Bonnet Socket Gaskets

What is the order for the bonnet socket gaskets. The bonnet plug came with two gaskets, a rubber one and a foamy one. I have the smaller rubber gasket between the back of the socket and the triangle bracket. And then the larger foam gasket over the front of the plug before inserting it into the bonnet socket hole from inside the headlight orifice.
The original bolts were quite short and with it connect as above the bolts are difficult to get started even with lots of pressure from the backside to draw the socket triangular bracket closer. I used longer bolts but wanted to be sure I had the gaskets correct before final tightening.


You are correct. I’m replacing the connector at the moment and agree the original bolts are going to be difficult the get started.

Once you have all 3 tightened you may be able to remove them one at a time and replace with the original bolts.

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I know you have a 69 2+2, but this exploded diagram from SNG Barratt for a Series III may help (I can’t imagine Jaguar re-inventing this socket between Series – 3 years separated).