Books - Which are the best?

I see a lot of books out there, but which are the best to help determine originality and correctness of e’s and their parts? In the Corvette world there are “Judging Guides” for each model year. I imagine there are similar publications for e’s. Thank you

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NICE! Thank you. …

I hear this one is very good even though I have not bought one yet. Especially at the beginning I found lots of pictures to be helpful since my biggest concern was telling if the car I was looking at had been molested much or was still in proper configuration. Some times I found the judging guide to be confusing without a corresponding photo. I have made some “upgrades” to my car but only ones that are bolt-on type where I can easily take it back to original.

68 E-type FHC


Looks like a good read. Thank you

The Mueller/Porter book David mentioned is great.

Thomas Haddock did a restoration guide that’s useful.

For an in depth discussion about the car from day one try (And that’s actually a pretty good price for that book):

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I read Mr.Crespin’s “Essential Buyer’s Guide”, and found it quite useful during my search for an e. I wish the photos were larger, but all good. Thank you, Peter. I am now reading Mr. Harvey’s “E type- End of an era”. I like that book for it’s attention to the history of the car. I just received, but haven’t started Mr. Porter’s “Original Jaguar E-Type The Restorer’s Guide to 3.8, 4.2 and V12”. I like that there is a lot of reading material available, but as we know, not all of it is good. That’s my reason for asking for personal experience. Hey, I’m new to all this- what do I know!

The latest book by Haddock/Meuller is very comprehensive. By latest, I mean the newer one that is hardback and must be several inches thick. I do find that these types of book are more useful if you own a specific car and, with your car number, can work your way towards what would be authentic on your car. Unless you have a photographic memory, there is way too much content there to read the book and become generally knowledgeable. The Harvey book is good to get a higher level feel for the cars.

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