Boot latch keeps opening

Ive always heard this years ago and my previous MK2 never did it…
My current forever MK2 the trunk pops open after miles of driving.
Ive tightened the latch, closed the gap then opened the gap.
All the same…Will try locking the boot see if theres a difference.
Last would be a new mechanism …I suppose?
thanks in advance.

I had this problem too. Got a new / used latch in really good condition, did the same. Now I lock it. No more issues.

Ok will try the lock method!
Thank you my friend’

No matter what I’ve tried, I can only keep my MKII boot closed by locking it.

Thank you as well D Serber…
will do…

My old ‘S’ use to pop the boot as well I put it down to the body flexing, hasn’t done it now for <>30 years, thats how long its been off the road :sob:

Do not try this on your own , may be worth getting in the boot with a torch and have a trusting person close it , you may be able to see why it’s opening :thinking:

We locked it and Ellie won’t let me drive anymore🙄
So far 55 miles never opened since we locked it!

By “torch” I assume that you meant a battery powered flashlight and not anything with an open flame. One of those differences in the English language.:grin:


I can’t get her to stop driving it!

Yes Paul , but you never picked up I said Boot :rofl: