Boot Lid Rubber Seal Doesn’t Fit

Just received a new reproduction rubber seal for my boot lid from SNG Barrett .Just like the previous seal, this one doesn’t fit making the lid difficult to close.Trimming the rubber down will be tedious and haphazard and tedious at best. Any thoughts on how I can easily remedy this?

What model saloon do you have?

The Rubber Shore is too hard , when people keep buying it and try and get around the problem SNG and the like will keep supplying us with crap , instead of addressing the problem .
Send it back and tell them its crap !

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This has been the case for many years - the correct profile but wrong material - too hard. We went for an alternative hollow type seal (as most modern cars have) - much cheaper the the usual bandits and works a treat - same for the doors. It’s too long ago for me to find a reference but there are reliable firms such as Baines - may not be specified for Mk2 - but will do the job.

Beating around the bush as usual Ian , lol :joy: . That’s what I did though ! Agree 100% :+1:.

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On the subject of rubber seals , does anyone know where door seals for a mk10 can be obtained ?

If you are asking about the seal that are mounted on the door itself, I got mine of eBay

With regards to the seal-on-body, I got that at Scotts Old Auto Rubber

These 2 seal sets press against each other when the door is closed

I also got the door mounted seal that wipes the outer windows from them

These are vital, as deterioration allows water to run down the glass into the door

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It’s all crap as the rubber lip I replaced was from XK’s Unlimited ( now Moss Motors). It had the same problem as the one from SNG Barrel. It would be nice to run across a NOS rubber lip but likely won’t happen.


Always good to update your forum info with your location and year and model of car you are dealing with. Click on your circle upper right of screen, scroll down to the profile icon then preferences, then profile and update the info.

I agree the best bet is to go to a generic seal supplier (Clarke Rubber) in my area, and just simply select one that fits

It will cost a fraction of the price, no one will know, except you, because it will work as intended !


I jsut had the same problem and ordered this from Woolies in UK, cheap and so far seems to be doing the job and I dont have to slam the boot.


Hi, The most accurate seals available are from C.O.Baines. In the UK, they are worth the wait…


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Try to live with the SNG Barrett seal for awhile, it will settle in. Three years ago I had the seal on my Mark 2 bootlid replaced when I had the boot lid repainted and the rear bumper rechromed. The tech at the body shop told me it would be a bit difficult to close the boot lid without slamming at first but in time the new seal would settle in. He was right. Now I can close the boot lid with a minimum of effort.

This is exactly what happened to me. I got mine from a caravan seal company (although advertised as for a Mk 2 Jaguar) but it was too big and the boot wouldn’t shut.
I adjusted the striker then again & again as the seal settled and now it shuts nicely but the boot lid has been distorted a bit.
He only goes to shows to see his mates so it doesn’t matter much but it’s still a bit of a shame - if i could have got the right seal all would have been so much better

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My old seal purchased 12 years ago ( XKs Unlimited) never settled in. As a result, I had to lock the boot lid in order to keep it from popping open . Moreover, the lid no longer aligned with the back of the body giving in a distorted bulge (sort of like I look when I try to cram my 36” waist into a pair of 34” waist shorts). The SNG seal looks identical and fits just like the old one.,

Tony, I purchased thr boot seal for my 420G from rubber seals Australia in SA. It fits perfectly, perfect shut lines, which as you would know, is not easy for a 420G. I thought it was a gamble because it was so cheap.

They have for other models incl Mk II but I can’t vouch for them.


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Try I’ve had very good luck with their reproduction seals. Last S3 E-type boot seal from SNG was totally wrong profile!