"Boot Open" message on dash and neither the key fob nor boot release button work

My 1997 XK8 boot will open fine with the key, but neither the key fob nor the boot release button work. They don’t make any sounds at the latch when pressed, either. The “Boot Open” message shows on the dash, but the boot is closed securely. Boot lights work fine. Any ideas? Thank you.

Interesting problem. There are two quite tough cables going to the boot latch. One is operated manually when you use the key, the other is via the solenoid that’s worked by the button or the fob. The hook has a tendency to break off this cable but when this happens you can still hear the solenoid operate although nothing happens so I think in your case the system thinks the boot is already open. I would start by checking the microswitch that is operated when the boot lid is closed and also the wiring to it.
I’m working away from home at the moment and can only find 1999 electrical guide but if the wiring didn’t change since '97 there are two wires from the switch. One is black and is a ground and the other is a red wire with a yellow tracer that goes to pin 5 of connector BT41 on the Security and Locking Module. BT41 is the larger of the two connectors on this module which you will find under the fusebox in the boot.
If you are brave and confident you could touch a ground onto this pin and see if the Boot Open message disappears and that the electronic lock works then- at your own risk.

It would be a good idea to fix this soon because if there is any problem with the key opening you won’t be able to open the boot with a lot of trouble,

Shropshire, UK

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Thank you. Turns out it is the trunk latch actuator and the microswitch. I have both now and will attempt to replace or have someone do it.