Boot or trunk will not engage to lock it

(W. Schuster) #1

X type 2002 3.0

When closing the boot it will not engage the lock, are there adjustments for that?

It did this without the boot light coming on.


(Grahame Loader) #2

What happens when you try triggering the power unlock on the fob? As a quick check, try spraying the lock mechanism with WD 40. Sounds like the mechanism is sticking open.

(motorcarman) #3

When these cars were introduced we had MANY issues with the boot lid and latches. Jaguar issued several TSBs for repair/replace info.

XT501-04am2 Difficulty Closing Luggage Compartment Lid.pdf (112.9 KB)
XT501-17 Inability To Open_Close Luggage.pdf (26.4 KB)
XT501-20 Luggage Compartment Lid.pdf (110.1 KB)


(W. Schuster) #4

I never used the power unlock or lock on the trunk lid,
I can unlock it by using the button, but I cannot lock the lid, unless
I really slamm it down.