Boot / trunk hinges colour/color

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I have had a small problem with the paintwork on the boot of my car, something set alight and smoke damaged the boot lid before I could get to it, so I have ordered some paint from blighty to get it resprayed, however when I looked at another Lavender grey car that was for sale I notice that the boot hinges were painted the same coulor as the car, which I thought looked good, mine are black, I think I would like to do this as I am going to get the boot lid painted anyway, I can see some of the original paint on the boot hinges so I think this must have been standard.
I am looking at the boot hinges and thinking, is it a matter of removing the hinges by means of the screws screwed into the boot body area, the hinge pivot point is inaccessible without removing these screws, has anybody done this and is it standard to have the hinge arms the same coulor as the body ?

At the factory, the boot lid was fitted to get it aligned before the body was painted, and never removed. So the hinges got painted body color along with the inside of the boot lid.

The tool tray lid was painted body color separately.

The other boot trim panels were painted black separately.