Boot/Trunk Lid Liner

I’m re-trimming my boot and the cheap and tatty lid liner has to go.

I could just create a direct replacement from black fibreboard but has anyone got any better, more aesthetically pleasing options? I’m wondering whether Hardura or some of the bonnet/hood lining options might be good. Certainly since I replaced my hood lining with a black insulation backed foam, it looks much nicer.

There are some old posts on the subject but I’m looking to see whether there are some more recent developments.

I would use thin plywood if I was you.
Fiber board is fragile and heavy.
You can cover it with vinyl if you want a better look, I think it would look very nice.
You can even put some thin insulation on the back side (I did that).

I wouldn’t use foam, too fragile and will start looking as tatty very soon.

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My 83 came bare. Nice and shiny body color. I like it that way. I see litte if any reason for a lier.

Oh, tejhe liner on my bonmnett ooked like a moth eaten bear rug. I tossed it. After weighting options, i decided to leave it bare. Unfortunately, the paint is good, but not shiny??

Which part are you referring to? Underside of bootlid?

I had mine redone in Hardura. If you are talking the piece that covers the spare wheel, I would go for plywood like the original, if the side walls, fibreboard. The plywood is hidden, covered by Hardura on Jags (XJ6) or carpet ( Daimler, XJ12).

BTW, can anyone post a pic of the correct arrangement for securing the cable to the right side boot hinge, please?

This is mine…


Mine’s the same.

I have a thick jute felt mat under the hardura, on top of the plywood.

Perfect, thanks Frankie. Can you still get those ties?

You can, sometimes with black pins, white is correct, otherwise identical. They need to be very warm, then you can install them easily.

I have seen something similar but not identical - David may be able to point you to a source - or use zip ties. Unless you’re going for repairs to concours standard :+1:


THanks. I was referring to the underside of the bootlid. I like what you’ve done there - looks neat and protects the panels.

Lots of other options here too but I think I’ll copy yours.

On my car (series 3), the cables are routed through the boot lid hinge arm.

Photos attached of current liner and cable routing.

C17001/2 is not exactly hard to find!
I’d never use zip ties. Besides damaging the paint they look bad.

That’s factory for earlier cars!

You can also buy a large sheet of mdf and cut out the old one. Then paint it black or put vinyl over it. Easy and quick plus as it was.

Here in the US,over the years between my father and me we’ve owned series 3 XJ6 cars 1979, 1986, and 1987 models, none of them came factory equipped with boot lid liners, just another feature deleted from US market cars along with the options of pepperpot wheels and rear parcel shelf headrests,

Were those cars the base XJ6 models or upscale Vanden Plas models? I have owned 5 Vanden Plas models (two of them were parts cars) and all of them (including my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas) came equipped with boot lid liner (Jaguar part number BAC2276, "Casing. Rear).


OAll base XJ6. I wouldn’t mind having a trunk liner but I’d imagine by now they are no longer available

I’d be happy to send you a pattern from mine once it’s off the car. As per all the comments in this thread, it would be easy to cut one out of ply, mdf, hardboard etc and the paint or cover.

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My 84 Sovereign (UK car) was bare. No liner.
My 69 4.2 has the 4 hardura insets.

I’ve got an '82 XJ6 and a spare boot lid off an '85 sovereign. Both are UK spec and both of them have the liner @Paul_M_Novak shows in his reply above.

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