Boot (Trunk) top luggage rack

I have a fixed luggage rack on the boot of my Spitfire and love it and the look, but I need one for my Jaguar XJS V12 2 seater convertible, now I know what you all are going to say and I agree, except I need it for my wife’s transportation chair which does not fit in the boot and there is not enough room inside without the top down. So looking for hopefully a luggage rack that is not a permanent fixture, that would be a problem for the third brake light as well, thanks

Get a trailer hitch installed.
There are commercial attachments that won’t alter the car and easier to load.
It will also be less likely that anything will get dropped on the boot lid.
Added pluses will be a still functional boot and unobstructed rear view.

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I like the hitch idea, max versatility. Absent the hitch, it sounds like you are describing something like this?

Bob, thanks mate! that’s exactly what I need something I can remove and will not damage the car, I will have to explore this some more, cheers Geoff

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The boot lid on the XJS is 42 inches wide Surco have a DR1001 that is 42.6 inches wide I wonder if that will fit, I think I will call Surco to make sure but I am guessing this will fit perfectly, also $334 on Amazon $266 at Summit Racing!


Bob, I found this on Moss Motors site :

As I like the look of the luggage rack on British roadsters I think I am going with this and permanently install it. my XJS is not a show car in fact it is my daily driver, cheers Geoff

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MGB rack will look a little small.

How about the real deal Jaguar item?

This seller is the Coventry Foundation. I’ve bought lots of stuff from them.

Cool! Your car your rules!

John, I have saved the Coventry Foundation eBay site I guess it benefits a charity, thanks for the link for the luggage rack, a little too large for my liking I am pretty happy with the size of the one I bought, I measured it out and it will look pretty good and not overbearing, it is just for my wife’s transportation chair (it fits perfectly) as she can no longer walk due to her Alzheimer’s, looks pretty similar to the one on my Spitfire, BTW for anyone interested I got a reply about the dimensions of the Surco DR1001 and that should fit on the XJS very well, thanks all, cheers Geoff

I received my luggage rack from Moss Motors and was going to return it one of the cross members was 1/2 inch longer than it should have been and would not fit as well as many thread holes not finished, but I needed it for my wife’s transportation chair, so I cut off 1/2 inch (it was very hard metal had to go buy new hacksaw and good blade!) and drilled a new mounting hole. Got it all installed felt pretty nervous about drilling holes in the boot lid but went for it, I think it looks pretty good gives the car that British roadster feel, I like it, I know there will be detractors but it is what I needed.


Sorry to hear about quality.

All it needs now is a well worn Louis Vuitton suitcase and you’ll get the best parking spot at any hotel.

I actually have two very old traditional suitcases that would look the part! Complete with United Airlines DC-7 sticker! Coast to coast in 8 hours! Cheers Geoff

We had those bags

I had a similar situation a week ago when I bought a badge bar for a 1950 MGTD. I don’t know what it fit, but it wasn’t a 1950 MG. Frustrating.
Your carrier looks like it will do what you need, and after all it is your car. Good for you.

That carrier looks pretty good. If possible please post some pics of the whole car with its top up and the top down with the carrier installed.

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Robert, here are a couple of pictures you requested, I like the luggage rack the more I look at it, I positioned it further back with the rear in line with the antenna. I like the rack on my Spitfire as well.


The rack looks good like it was supposed to be there.

Robert, that is exactly what I thought, I am very pleased how it turned out, cheers Geoff

Geoff, now that you have had the rack for a while, how do you like it? Will the lid stay open when raised? How about the third brake light being obstructed? I really like how it looks.

Dave, the lid stays open perfectly no where near touching anything when it is open, the third brake light is quite visible when you don’t have stuff loaded on the rack, even then, with it loaded I think you would still be able to see part of it. I really love it and everyone who has made a comment thought it was factory! I prefer my car with it on and when I look at the pictures before, it looks like something is missing. And it looks even better with my personal plates! cheers mate!

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