Boot (Trunk) top luggage rack

Dave, I also thought about making a clip on - plug in third light in case I ever had too many cases!

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I actually did that for a friend who has a 1950 MGTD. LED brake lights, and turn signals from scratch, and a third brake light- all of which meant first having to reverse the battery polarity so the LEDS would work.
Not a bad idea.

Was going to recommend the same OEM carrier that is on eBay as well, but what you bought looks 1,000 times better! Looks absolutely great, like it should be there. Great job.

Quick question about the member you cut short…did you paint the cut end with something? It will rust, or weather if left raw like that, no?

Veekay, no I did not, it was hard enough cutting the thing, it is covered up by the bracket, it is the very top member that I had to cut, easy to remove if I have to without disturbing the rest of it. Yes it turned out really good definitely looks ‘factory’ cheers Geoff

If it’s aluminum, you’re probably fine.

If it’s any other metal, you really should consider painting some kind, almost any kind of coating on it to prevent the rust from discoloring your assembly. It wouldn’t take much, and you’d want to just brush it on. Find some exterior primer and that would probably work. A silver paint?

VeeKay, I don’t think it is alumin(i)um (13th element on the periodic table!) as it was so hard to cut, when I have some spare time (LOL) I will remove it and give it a coat of something good, thanks for the recommendation, don’t want corrosion making it look horrible, cheers Geoff

Veekay, turns out it is harder to remove than I though the screws that mount the rack were waxed self tapping screws, I don’t want to remove them or I will have to replace with nuts and bolts all way through the boot, what I am going to do is just put some sealer over the end, it is hard to tell which end I cut, I have never cut a piece of metal straight as I did on this one. I amazed myself, cheers Geoff

DaveTheLimey, show us some pictures when you get your luggage rack installed, were your members all the correct length? I aligned the rear of mine with the aerial I think it looks better further back. I might have started a movement here! cheers Geoff

Geoff, the rack is installed on the car. All the parts were correct length. Pictures? Eventually.
I will send a PM with all the gory details.

During these past few years I have noticed that whenever someone is thinking about making an appearance change to their car, and asking for opinions, that some will say “Terrible idea” and others will say “I like it”, but at the end of the day only one answer makes any sense-
“It’s your car. Do whatever you want.” With that thought in mind, here is a photo of my car, taken this morning. Thanks to the Original Poster for the idea. I like the "British Roadster " look, and if I get tired of it, I have a spray gun which I am not afraid of using!


Dave, looks great mate! Looks like you aligned the rear with the aerial as I did, if you look at pictures of your car before it will now appear that something is missing! Yes it does give it that old British Roadster look that the car did not have before, looks good with those wheels too, cheers Geoff

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