Bootlid (trunklid) latch XK140

All this talk of bootlids has reminded me - if anyone comes across a spare U-bolt latch for a 140 they don’t need, I’d be very happy to buy it from them if possible. The repros I have are metric threads, and I’d like to keep them imperial if possible. I have one, but the other side had a truly horrible lash-up…

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Roger, I’ve got two originals as spares, but they’re a bit rough. I’ll send a picture of them tomorrow. You’re welcome to them if they’ll do.

That would be really great - I was looking at making one, but it’s difficult to get the sharp bend right with home-workshop equipment. Do please let me know!

Thanks, Roger

Here’s what I have:

Two are original but repaired.
One is new but asymetrical.
All are 1/4 NF28 threads.
You are more than welcome to any you want.

Hi, PM sent.


twenty characters…

Your PM gave me a start when I saw your address.
I was on secondment with the RN, stationed at RNAS Culdrose.
Almost let a flat in St Ives, thought what a small world…

Latch will be in the post by week’s end.

Aha - there are three St Ives in Britain, the famous one is in Cornwall but the largest and most historic (10th century) is in Cambridgeshire, 300 miles to the east and where I have lived for 67 years. My best friend from med school lives in Falmouth, and was a station doctor to the crews at Culdrose until he retired! It was all helicopter air-sea rescue when he was there in the eighties/nineties, Westland Wessex birds I think.
A small world, indeed. When I was very active on the US Mustang forums 10-15 years ago whilst I was restoring my car, many of the guys I ‘spoke’ to were Vietnam vets and several had been posted in the UK - most in the East of England USAF bases, near here.

Latch went out in the post this afternoon, should be there in a week or so.
Postage was negligible. So to use the current slang, I’ll “pay it forward” to the forum.
Hope it works!!

That’s great, thanks for letting me know. And thanks for your help and generosity, it’s very much appreciated.

All best wishes