Borglite Pressure Plate Rebuild and Adjustments

Hi There,

Before I reassemble my engine/gearbox and fit it, I’d like to check some basic measurements. I know something needs adjusting somewhere becaue the clutch pedal was very high in its travel when releasing.

Yes, this sounds like a worn cluch but it looks to be barely worn and has much life left in it. Oil contamination aside!

I see in the MKII service maual there are dimensions given for the flywheel to lever tip for the 9" and 10" version. The S-Type manual only gives figures for the 10". While the correct for the car manual suggests it would have had a diaphragm clutch in if it wasn’t originally an slush box.

I appear to have an 8.5". Now I can try and extrapolate the measurement and compare but It would be nice to have the correct data. Does anyone have this or know which manual it would be in?

I don’t know what car the assembly came from originally but the gearbox would suggest a mkII, hence my confusion. but it may well be a Heinz 57 situation, hence my confunsion.


Natuarally I had just confused myself here and the answer is simple but of course leads to new questions.

The round number clutches are the old type and the +1/2" ones are the newer diaphragm type. Past me measured the pressure plate OD and not the friction plate so infact i have a 9" old type clutch. This means that all the measurements are in the book(s) afterall.

The answer to the high pedal action was a dished flywheel, slight wear to friction disc, and a bodged conversion from auto to manual. Two huge oil leaks contaminating everything (now resolved) did not help matters either.

In the end I got the wheel skimmed at the local ‘race engineering’ shop and the botched and burnt surface has been tidied up with a good 60thou removed. The first skim it would seem.

The guy who skimmed it for me was non-plussed when i asked if he could static balance it (fair enough, he has his reasons and I’m not going to argue) but i’m not really inclined to pull the shaft right now to spin the lot which leaves me to do it myself.

All this leads to my next question. What is the OD of the flywheel flange?

Why don’t i measure it you ask… well i’m working away from home right now so don’t have anything on hand to measure up. But i do have tooling and steel to make a mandrel (which i hadn’t planned for).

There’s so much forum chat about flywheels and balancing but no basic dimensions anywhere. Go figure. But hopefully someone has a shaft or flysheel sittign about they can measure :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin, much appreciated :+1:

I’ve raided the scrap bin and knocked out something suitable. I had a devil of a time keeping it all true, the lathe’s tailstock has a highly improbable vertical misallignment of almost 1mm which wasn’t there last time I used it about a year ago. It must be a growing spurt.