Bosch Turbine Fuel Pump


Hi all,

Some time ago my el-cheapo fuel pump started to make a very unnerving noise when it was getting warm… And yes, fuel tanks are sparkly clean and I have filters before the pump, so dirt/rust is not an issue.
It’s the second pump going bad in a very short time, so I wanted something better.

Not many options though:

  1. Bosch,
  2. Walbro (@gregma recently installed one in his XJS),
  3. Various el-cheapo versions and Bosch knock offs…

I really wanted to get a “turbine” style pump, as they are generally much quieter and, because there are no friction parts inside, theoretically last longer.
I also wanted something that would be E10 compatible.

On my research I stumbled on this article:

Apparently after a certain date, IIRC around 2010 - 2015, they replaced all the old style fuel pumps with new turbine style pumps, but the exterior shell and shape remained identical.
And they are all compatible with up to 20% Ethanol fuels.

For the XJ6, XJ12 and XJS Bosch gives the same two different part numbers (for a unknown reason, and just for the sake of confusion, the US site uses 5 digit part numbers)
0580 464 008 (69536) and
0580 464 070 (69414)

I have no idea what’s the difference between the two pumps, their specs are exactly the same.

I found one on e-bay, a recent 0580 464 070 pump, box opened but never used, so I bought it.
New style bue box and with an authenticity sticker and number that you can check it on the Bosch website.
The pump itself is wrapped with a plastic film on which 0580 464 070 and “Made in the Czech Republic” are stamped. Neither the box nor the leaflet included have any mention of specs or pump type.
The electrical connections are screw type and not spades.

I installed the pump and I was very happily surprised to find that it’s totally quiet and absolutely vibration free !!
From inside the cabin it’s virtually inaudible.
And most important of all, the V12 works just fine.



Thank you for this info and the detailed writeup. I am sure this will be helpful to many in the future.
BTW, I have encountered noisy fuel pumps in our Jaguars that were due to slight kinks or bends in the fuel hoses. This seemed to get worse in the summer months (100F +) when the fuel was warm and hoses got soft due to the higher fuel temperatures. I fixed this in our 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas and 1990 XJ-S convertible (see attached pictures) through the use of a product called EZ-Coil that I read about on Jag-Lovers and purchased on eBay.

In both cars there was a noticeable whine from the fuel pump on hot days that could be immediately stopped be squeezing on the fuel hose to eliminate the kink. I tried new hose and different hose routing and lengths to try and eliminate the slight kinks to no avail. The EZ-COIL wraps tightly around the hose, prevented the hose from kinking, and immediately eliminated the whine.

I have no affiliation with EZ-COIL other than as a satisfied customer.



I originally installed a new Bosch fuel pump in my 88 XJ-S, but after a few weeks, it got noisy. I may have got a bad one, or may have damaged it while running it on old rusted fuel tank.

After i replaced fuel tank, i went Walbro. It’s been quiet for months now. Its just a bit longer with adapters screwed in, so tougher to fit in the XJS limited space.