Bottom front cover

How important is this cover , out of fiber, attached at bottom front with 12 screws ? It takes about an hour to remove 12 screws to hold it up.
Does it have any value to have it attached on the bottom front.
Thanks for any reply

stone guard - protecting hosing ect,…assuming that you are talking about the same thing

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I see no hoses or any electric that would be in that area.

can you post a picture of what you are referring to, manufacturers design items for cars for a reason

Will take a picture.
Its 18 inches by 5 feet long.
Its held in with 12 screws.
I just see no reason for that cover on the front bottom.

tom !
Sending you some pictures of what the bottom front
looks like with the cover off.


Walter, on the X type 2002 Jaguar Front panel???

you can choose to have on or off it’s your car, however the cover is designed to deflect any road rubbish potentially been thrown up off the road from other vehicles, it’s also a warning that you my be too close to something as you’ll hear a nasty scraping sound.

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By any chance, do you have any pictures down
there showing the anti freeze bolt of the radiator?
I don’t see mine unless lift the whole front up.

from the workshop manual i have, pics are crappy but…the drain plug appears to be near the bottom radiator hose, to access, it shows that you need to remove the radiator splash shield which is that section insert in the front bumper, certainly a tight access there…best i can offer…this workshop manual is 2,810 pages… rather watch a movie…
Xtype drain plug radiator