Bought a 1989 VdP car yesterday, Needs rust repair

Yesterday (Thursday, Oct 1st) I traveled by Amtrak train and LIRR commuter train to Long Island NY and bought a cheap 1989 Vanden Plas car.

After looking it over for a few minutes and speaking with the owner for maybe a half hour or so I got into the car and drove it from Long Island NY to Youngstown Ohio. The car was very cheap and came with a bunch of spare parts in the trunk. On the trip home it drove quite well except for a lot of wind noise coming from the passenger’s footwell. I knew the car was rusty but this evening I pulled back the carpet that was covering a VERY large unsightly lump in the passenger’s side front floor.

After I removed the riveted in patch panel I found this hole in the floor. I managed to move the dislocated jacking point back down into place so tomorrow I can try to fabricate a better patch for the floor to eliminate the wind noise whistling through this hole.

This are also rust bubbles on a few spots of the hood.

And some rust in the rockers

Also the car badly needs the crank damper rebuilt because it is squealing most of the time.

Got all of the thin rusty metal cut out tonight in preparation for making and fitting patches tomorrow.

After I took this photo I cleaned up all of the edges where new metal will overlap and be welded.