Bracket on the rear of the handbrake

Can someone post a picture of the bracket or pin that holds the rear wheel cable that is mounted on the rear axle. Mine was missing and I have no idea what it looks like to fabricate one.

1960 mark 1

Sorry wrong picture !

Here you see, cable and bracket of the handbrake on my MK1.

looks good but can I pls have top view that attaching bolt or what ever is missing on mine

I have the axle out of my car. I’ll get a picture shortly

tanks a bunch

I forgot I took all the hand brake parts off. What exactly are you needing to see? The clevis pins are easy to find to connect the cables. If it’s a part for the mechanisms I can take a picture of that. Heck, I have spare parts If I recall correctly.

I know the one end attaches to the cable coming from the brake handle but what dies the thingee look like that attaches the center hole to the bracket?

could you do a pic of the top of the bracket so I can see how the two sides are attached to the bracket

hi tim
how are the two side cables attached to the top of the bracket?

My top peice on my cars part and spare axle have a nut and welded to the shaft.

My mk2 original part

Spare axle

This pictorial looks more like what Peter shows in his photo. This is from the SNGB catalog for brake parts for the Mark 1… with drum brakes. Obviously Peter has disc brakes in his photo, and his bracket appears to be mounted on the left side of the differential. This pictorial seems to indicate that the bracket is to be mounted on the right side of the differential; perhaps Jaguar made units for left and right?
Hope this may be of some use…

I misread, two clevis pins. I can measure for size. I think 5/16 x 3/4 or 1 inch long.

tanks everyone got it connected