Brackets for Wilwood calipers

Looking for brackets for mounting Wilwood calipers (120-6818 for non-vented rotors) onto my 1962 Mk2. I already have the calipers. I have Ray Livingston’s document and drawings for the bracket for a Series 1 E Type – is this the same bracket? Would prefer to buy some already made, but if Ray’s bracket design also works on a Mk2 that would also be an option.


Have you tried Wilwood !

I got mine from Dan Moody’s firm in Texas. Some years ago, although I don’t know if they still offer them

Will have to check both. Wilwood has quite a lengthy list, but I’d be surprised if they had brackets for a Mk2. Who knows…

I believe the XK’s kit comes with custom brackets. You might be able to buy them directly?

I have an inquiry into XKs. I just got a response from SNG and they don’t sell brackets by themselves, just the full kit. Maybe I can find who they source the brackets from that are included in the kit.

SNG kits are not Wilwood…so that won’t work

Appears that XKs has them, part number ZZ-MOUNT

@tapped - did you succeed with the wilwood upgrade to your MkII?

I have a seized caliper from 1965 3.8S. Am thinking now may be time for the wilwood upgrade.

Yes and no. I have all the parts, but the car is being restored (by me). FWIW, the front-end is all assembled on the subframe including the Wilwood calipers and brackets, but no way to test this until it’s a rolling car.