Brackets for xk120 spot lamps

My car had simple 90degree flimsy brackets for the 7” spot/ fog lamps which made the lights sit too close to the headlights and I was happy to find a drawing of a properly shaped iron here on the forum by Rob Riley. I made them similar to the drawing but out of stainless 4x40mm that I shaped and polished. I was afraid they could slip on the mounting screw as the lights are mounted off centre and a bit heavy. My small addition of an adjustable stop screw to keep the iron levelled is almost invisible… The lights are now mounted in a nice position and sits rock solid and I am happy.

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Well executed, do you have a full front end picture for our viewing pleasure?

Of course, still salty roads around here so it will stay inside for another month.


This is looking perfect: both the Fog Lamp Brackets and their position. Look at the picture below of one of the XK 120’s on their way to Le Mans in 1950. These cars had the same bracket and (more or less) the same position of the fog lamps, just out of the headlamp beam but also avoiding the bonnet when opening.

Bob K.

Glad to hear it worked out.

I bought these brackets many years ago I think from Bill Bassett. They mount inside the bumper and are very stable.