Brake and clutch pedal assembly - painted?

Are these supposed to be painted black?

Mine were originally painted a semi-gloss black.

Yes: if you want concours perfection, runny, drippy black: if you want them well-protected, use powder paint.

Thank you both, I will make sure I get some runs in the paint.

Unfortunately the factory runs, drips and errors vary from week to week depending on who was on the paint line that week, and we are not (yet) Corvette people, so lack of drips has not been made a concours deduction. :wink:
I’ve been doing my Mark V chassis and associated parts, and have been getting the best results with Rustoleum red primer and Rustoleum Gloss Black.

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That’s exactly what I did. Once they get a little dust on them, they’ll look brand new…

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