Brake and tire wear

(Frank Barone ) #1


Hi I’m new to this forum, I’ve been looking at xkr Carfax reports and there seems to be brake pad/rotor replacement along with new tires after 10-20k miles. Any comments, I’m seriously considering 2013 xkr after my 63 e-type. Any other issues?
Frank 63 coupe

(Tony Koschinsky ) #2

This may be so for the Alcon brakes on some special edition models, but the standard brakes on the XKR (at least on my '08) seem to be wearing at a normal rate.


(Frank Barone ) #3

Thank you Tony, for your replay. I believe the 2013 doesn’t have them. Any major issues to look out for? I’m interested in the xkr with dynamic and speed pack, aero package would be a plus with interior diamond stitching. Have to sell my 63 coupe first though. Thanks in advance for any information.

(Tony Koschinsky ) #4

I’m not as familiar with the 5.0 models, as I don’t have one (yet). Other than hearing of an issue with water pumps (service records should show whether this has been addressed) I think most of the bugs were worked out of these cars by then. You really have to find a way to keep the E. That way, when someone says “Is that your Jag?” you can say “Yeah, one of them”.