Brake booster/servo

Purchased a supposedly new servo through a reputable dealer of A.P. Caparo previously known as Lockheed, original manufacturers of this part. Notwithstanding they are now in bankruptcy administration, appears the “new” servo is leaking brake fluid out the back of the booster. And after getting it all back together trusting a new part to be just that - “new”. Before removing the servo, I’m wondering if brake line orientation may play a part here - although I don’t see how. My car is an early 1965 S1 4.2 serial #10275 where the front & back lines going to the callipers are reversed from later models. There is no distinction as to early/later servos so would this have any effect on this leaking. Or am I sinking lower into Dante’s circle of Jaguar hell. I think I only have 1 or 2 original parts left on this “hobby” that began in 1979.

The brake pipe orientation will make no difference. The servo parts were the same for either brake pipe orientation. If you can’t return it, take it apart and inspected it. There has been confusion on one of the seals that gets put on backwards.