Brake control assembly - washer question

I am trying to assemble the shaft and pin assembly(9) to the connecting lever(11) with the operating arm (17).

The parts list lists 2 washers FW205T (5/16th" washers):

Would any of you know where they go? On the upper or lower pin?

Also, There seems to be an imbalance between the 2 pins - on one side there is the nylon bush, on the other there is nothing. Is this the way it’s supposed to be?


Tadek I vaguely remember a similar concern when reassembling my KH system a year ago but I can’t remember exactly what I did.

I think that there should be nylon bushes on both sides of both holes in 11. Regardless 11 and 9 ought to be parallel IMO. I have a vague recollection of not fitting washers…

I’ll have a look at my car and see if I can help you but the KH is fitted and I may not be able to see properly. I may have access to a disassembled KH unit as well but I weon’t be able to look at that until Thursday at the earliest.


Not much help but here’s a picture!

Many thanks Andrew, so there does not seem to be a washer on the left hand side…

I have assembled mine - I hope it will work! :slight_smile:

It’s a nightmare to adjust though, as I do not quite understand the instructions.
I found it much easier to simply adjust the upper master cylinder Yoke while the lower one is disconnected.
When the holes in the lower yoke and the balance link mis-align by 1.5mm then the adjustment is OK. — I guess…
The 1.5mm is mentioned in the original Service Manual)


To adjust I basically screwed out the nut on the adjustable yoke fitting until there was no freeplay and then backed it off about half a turn.

To adjust the actuator for the booster I set the eccentric sleeve so the actuator was just clear of the valve at rest, so that as soon as it moves in it actuates.

My brakes seem to work…

Many thanks Andrew! Sounds Good :slight_smile: