Brake conversion, front disk mki

Im looking conversion kit brakes for MKI 1959

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Try SNGBarratt, they have all the parts, and brake conversion sets.
Do you have Drum brakes now?
In that case you need a remote vacuum brake booster ( only for the front in case of drums at the rear)
I would not change the rear.
If you change the rear you need a complete set from a MK2, including the hand brake mechanism.

Not suggesting you do this but many years ago I had a 2.4 Mk 1 and a scrap XJ6. I installed the XJ front hubs complete with calipers and upright in the Mk 1. This setup had too much negative camber so I extended the upper control arms. Also replaced the Mk 1 booster with a larger S-type one. The setup worked well, the brakes were feather light.

I dont know if this will be useful to you, but I suspect it will

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