Brake conversion

what years and models will work for a conversion to a vacuum brake system?

David …

1987 to 1989 for sure.

From 1990 to 1994 Jaguar changed to the Teves Hydro boost system which used a different type of master brake cylinder so I’m not sure about those years.

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David any year that had girling brakes with the hydraulic boost and the engine driven pump.Google "Jaguar specialist " the kit maker they may have one for other years as well. John

In 1990, Jaguar changed the brake boost system. The engine-driven pump was eliminated and the Teves system was installed. This system uses a motor-driven pump on the firewall to provide the mineral oil pressure to boost the brakes. This Teves system also differs in that it does not use a traditional master cylinder but rather has an “actuation assembly.”

Has anyone out there done a vacuum brake conversion on a 1990 - 1994 XJ40 ?

well time to bite the bullet, wife needed the car and when I put it in the drive there was a big puddle of green expensive brake blood on the ground! No more hemming and hawing I bought the kit.