Brake dash light questions

My reservoir is full…when I step on brake the idiot light comes on…everything seems to work ok…could it be the float switch or what …take foot off then light goes out ???

If you have the stock reservoir, it’s possible the cork float has sunk.

Easy test: Disconnect the wires at the reservoir. If the idiot light still comes on, the problem is somewhere else.


What year is your XJ-S and does it have Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)?


Regular brakes. .no abs

Also what are exact years …models of resv. to substitute. …are they bolt on with spigots for hoses.

Dave, I replaced mine last year- very happy with it.
1990-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse, without ABS. P/n MIT MB534534. I bought the resv. from Extreme PSI Performance. I made a bracket from an old 4x4 electrical work box so I could keep the original resv. Hoses are different sizes between old and new.
After showing a photo, Gregma said the new resv. looked like a gigantic pill-container. He was right. I painted the lid black!

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Would you connect the leads together then check…is that switch a NO or NC

Does this have a switch in it

Yes.The switch clips to the base of the resv., and is N.O. Just as before.

When resv. is full is the switch NO

Affirmative. Works just like the OE unit except the switch is not submerged in brake fluid.

Or you can just install a generic float switch:

Or just purchase the Jaguar Part Number CAC4578.!/English/parts/f6252cc6-1c2c-4f20-a19b-7fa8d40f3d44