Brake Fluid Exodus

After running the engine, on my 84, quite a bit for testing and fixing purposes, all seems to be going in the right direction and I’m quite pleased. However, today after work I found a substantial puddle of brake fluid on the ground. Upon further investigation it seems to be coming from the area around the B bank exhaust manifold. I should note that during the rear end swap (2.88 to 3.54) I put all braided steel lines in the rear but have not done the fronts yet. Would this problem be caused by excessive heat cycling or is this just bad lines?

if she’s a LHD then it is probably due to a leaky hydraulic line junction in front of the brake booster.

It might be your brake master cylinder leaking- I had to replace mine for that reason.It drips down the front of the booster where you can’t see it, removing paint as it goes!

Are you sure it’s brake fluid? I had similar leak, right under the B bank exhaust manifold. Ended up being a seeping power steering hose (which is totally common leak) Unless the PO put ATF in there (which is fine), they may have put power steering fluid, which is clear and same consistency as brake fluid.

FYI, I topped off the power steering with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak, and now it’s only a drip!

Okay I’ll have a look at the brake master and direct lines coming out if it.

I think its brake fluid because the brake resivour keeps emptying itself over night.
Although now that you mention it there is a small drip coming from the power steering pump maybe that’s adding to the pool of clear fluid?