Brake fluid Low

I have just replaced the Abs module with a renovated unit, now the stability control and Brake fluid low warning lights are on permanently. The brake fluid is full and has been bled. I have also cleaned the wheel sensors. Any ideas please?


Both those warning lights are direct outputs from the ABS/TCSM. JTIS warns that disconnecting the module may produce fault codes so I would start by doing a scan, reading and noting the fault codes and then clearing them. You may find this is all you need to do. If that doesn’t work, I would get in touch with the supplier of your replacement module.

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Many thanks Eric, that makes sense. My scanner did not pick up on any fault codes. I have also tried disconnecting the battery for a while but no change. As you say, I think the module is probably the problem. I was ready to get rid of my old car after 12 years but it has almost no value and I have put so much into it and really can’t see anything out there that compares to the XK8.
Thanks again for taking the time to get back to me.

It may be that you need to get it up to about 12mph to clear it. Just make sure the pedal is holding pressure before you do though.

Does your ‘scanner’ read C (chassis) codes?
Generic OBDII readers cannot read C, B, or U codes.

P (powertrain) codes have nothing to do with the other modules.

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Thanks, didn’t know that. Would a regular service shop be able to scan it or would it need to be a jag guy?

Do you mean 12mph with the scanner attached? I am driving the car normally with no issues and lots of brake fluid and pedal pressure.
Thanks for getting back to me.

Hi Ken
The ABS light often stays on once the fault is fixed but goes out once you reach about 12mph with no scanner attached.
So if you’ve driven it then it looks like a fault us still being triggered.

Any service shop should be able to do it if they have the gear to read the extended jaguar codes. If it was uk I’d recommend a jaguar independent as the dealers charge the earth and at very interested in the older stuff.
There are some aftermarket obd scanners which can read the extended codes. I bought an Autoenginuity interface many years ago but that was costly. I since got the JLR ids/sdd software which i installed on an old laptop and a mongoose passthrough interface. It’s considerably cheaper and does dealer level diagnostics. It’s a bit awkward to work out how to use it though. If you’re going to hang on to it I’d give it a thought.