Brake fluid reservoir cap

Is it possible to.remove the cap on the green goo tank? I have a slow weep and I think 5200 will seal it but I want to get the level below the leak before fixing it.

If you are discussing the 1988-89 Hydraulic System Mineral Oil reservoir, that is NOT brake fluid. It is HSMO and the tank will likely NEVER STOP LEAKING!!!

I have NEVER seen a successful repair to the tank.

I usually just install a 1990-1992 XJ6 fluid reservoir and discard the 1988-89 tank.
The fluid level sensor will need to be dealt with but that is just the way I do it.

The later (black) reservoirs don’t seem to leak much.

good luck

You are correct, but with the color clue you knew what I meant.

I have seen handfuls of hard plastic looking sealant and handfuls of pliable ‘rubber’ type sealant covering the level sensor but the HSMO ALWAYS finds a way to leak!!

Good luck.

I tried a clean test spot and it seemed to hold well, we shall see, and yes its where the wires come out. Thing is there is original black sealent on there so something must work.

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Well so far 3m 5200 seems to have sealed it, no more weeping, now to see how long it holds. Fingers crossed.

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In the past I tried several times to repair a small leak in my HSMO reservoir , all failed in the end,
with the slimy green fluid always finding a way out.

So what was the solution ? Years ago I got rid of the whole system and switched to a vacuum brake booster. No more reservoir, no more leaks.