Brake fluid reservoir nipple gasket

I took my MK V reservoir apart to clean and paint it. When I removed the nipple at the bottom, there wasn’t any kind of washer or sealer there. I’m wondering what’s to keep the fluid from leaking out the bottom.

Hello Wayne, the two washers used to seal the brake fluid reservoir are described in the parts manual as:
p. 49 H.2620 Washer, Jointing, on each side of Body with quantity 2 and are shown as items AZ.42 on Plate AZ

There should be rubber seals there.
As brake fluid does not attack normal neoprene rubber, this material is suitable for the seals.

Barretts sell them H2620.

They are 1.6mm thick.


Thanks for the info!

Mine has two steel flat washers. The rubber seals go against the glass, and the flat washers go against the rubber seals. You of course want to be aware not to overtighten the hexes, because these glass bowls are getting hard to find.
Are there any markings on the steel hoop, like a Girling label or level mark?

Yes, NEVER have direct metal-to-glass contact for any components requiring a degree of tightening. Rubber washers are the only effective items to use because of the amount of compressibility of the rubber. The nut should not be overtightened; just a bit past the point where you can’t turn the spigot by hand.

Barrett’s also make a replacement should the worst happen!:wink:


Roger, Rob,
Thanks for getting back to me. I thought it was weird but there was absolutely no washers on top or bottom when I took it apart to clean it, only some sludge on the inside. Can’t believe it didn’t leak!

Maybe the sludge was the remains of a rubber washer?
Dot 3 brake fluid will do that to some rubber compounds.
Always use Dot 4.

The body finally goes to the painter today for color. He wants me to reassemble the car before wet sanding and applying the clear then buffing. The engine should be done in another week. On 5 months now waiting for the wire harness but the firewall needs to be painted first anyway. Most of the chrome is done and I’m about to look into tires. I’m hoping to have it all ready for spring touring!
Meanwhile slowly making progress on the 1930 Garwood 28’ runabout. Working on the bottom 5 parts of each frame before laying the new keel and chines.
A boy needs a project ya know!