Brake hose C3909

Am I right in thinking that the dimensions are:
Length 13.5ins

5/8th Whitworth connector for chassis end

7/16 UNF x 20 tpi for brake end

Grateful for any enlightenment.


Checked my notes on the subject, assuming they can be of help.

The Lockheed catalogue describes KL 48924 (or KL 57424) as having a length L of 13½”. Thread A is defined as 7/16” ANFS x 20 TPI, C thread is ⅝“ x 26 TPI of Whitworth form (meaning 55° top angle) and D is identical to A. The hose outer diameter B is 13/32” or 10 mm.

Bob K.

Certainly of help, Bob. Many thanks, much appreciated.