Brake pad support bolts

I am looking for a set of brake pad support bolts with nuts for my 66 S Type 3.8 Jaguar. They are cheeshead and have rusted in place. When I removed them, some were damaged. I don’t see any listing for them in the usual places. Can anyone make any suggestions? I guess an option would be to use another style of nut and bolt.

SNGB have them down as no longer available.

Can you buy something the same size?

I have tried Canada, the US, England and Europe. No go.

I assume that the brake system on the S-Type is similar to the MK 2 system, and the only nut and bolt that I know of is the set that attaches the pad retaining plate to the caliper. If so, you can substitute any 1/4" bolt that is long enough. If not, and since you have your brakes apart, perhaps you could take a picture of the part you are looking for to clear up any confusion.

I’ve never seen it but it’s different. It has extra parts 5 through 11 in diagram above.

The bolts Gerry’s talking about are 7 and 10.

Gerry I think you’re just going to have to find a generic bolt that will do the job.

Do you have a photo of one?

Yes the picture shows the parts as 7 and 10.

Hi Gerry,
Just clarify that these are for the front brakes, right?
I ask because only part 10 should be a Cheesehead screw and the size is 2BA x 1/2" UH and
Part 7 is a 1BA x 7/8" UH bolt,
Could you confirm the length, as my spares are from a 4.2 Mk10 and they do have a different part number.
Either way a good source for the BA bolts and screws is Maryland Metrics in MD or British Tools and Fasteners in NY or BA Bolts in the UK.
I have bought from all 3 vendors and all has been good.
If you come up short, I may have enough for your needs.
Nick, MA, USA

I’m in Mexico until the 27th, but I will get back to you as soon as I am home.

Thank you.