Brake Pedal - C.8869?

I pulled the original Brake Pedal on my 57 xk140 FHC LHD. The car was an automatic but I’ve added a moss box, and hence a pedal box as well.

Viart shows that the part number for the brake pedal should be c.10348, but raised letters in mine are c 8869.

Viart shows the rhd FHC brake pedal is c.8868 and I can’t find any reference to the 8869 pedal. Any ideas?


Brake Pedal C.8869 is for LHD XK140 FHC AUTOMATIC only…
Brake Pedal C.10368 is for LHD XK140 FHC MANUAL gearbox only…
Brake Pedal C.8868 is indeed for RHD XK140 FHC MANUAL and also in the case of RHD also same for FHC AUTOMATIC

Sorry, don’t have a photo of C.10368 at hand, so cannot advise how different or otherwise…


Picture of the XK 140 brake pedal C.10368 for the manual gearbox. Comparing C.8869 and C.10368 I guess some of the angles are different in particular where the stem of the pedal plate is mounted.

Bob K.

I found with XK120 and Mark V which share many chassis parts and were built in both LHD and RHD, that the number forged on the side is the forging blank, but in some cases not necessarily the official final part number. There were instances where the bend angle was different, or the location of the drilled hole for the clevis was different, thus making it a different part number.

Thanks Roger (and all) for the feedback. If there’s a special bend and part number just for the LHD FHC automatics I suspect Jaguar could have saved some money by standardising the pedals across more models. Back in the days when the accountants didn’t run the show.

At least I know it’s an original. Scott