Brake union needed

Does anyone have a source for one of these:

For anyone unaware of the size of Australian matchboxes, the part is approximately 2 1/2 inches long. The brake pipe size is 1/4 inch.

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I assume this is the Banjo of the brakes of your Jaguar. The Jaguar code number is C.3907 and the Lockheed number is 22865. I see this part in most of the catalogs of our “usual suppliers”.
If not available in Australia you could try it via the Lockheed service groups. See drawing and dimensions hereunder.

Bob K.

Thanks Bob,
I didn’t even look in Barretts, just assumed it would be NLA.
Just ordered one now.
Thanks again.

Just bumping this thread as I am unable to find a supplier with one of these unions. SNG don’t have them and neither do Moss. Some smaller suppliers have a replacement that doesn’t appear to have the offset.
If anyone can let me know where one can be found, it would be much appreciated.

Coventry Auto Components have C3907, under their number 3043. It differs from an original part in being straight not angled. As they say - ’ The Modern replacement may differ minimally from original design, but will be a high quality machined part (not cast) for integrity.’