Brake warning light

Hi folks i know this is an old issue but nearly every time i hit the brake pedal on my 93 3.2 the brake warning light comes on but not always, in park if you put your foot on the brake pedal and the light comes on you can move gearstick ,if the light stays off the gearstick stays stuck in gear i have no faults coming up and can get 30 pumps on foot pedal before it gets hard any ideas? i,ve read somewhere that there is a pin fault that can occur in the gauges plugs but have know idea which pins or how to test or rectify it

There are two lights - one is the ABS and the other the exclamation mark. Usually this warning has to do with the disc sensor either telling you the pad or pads are low or the sensor or sensor wiring/connection is hooped.

its the red exclamation mark ,pads and wiring around pads is fine

Sensor is probably acting up then

just swapped them out still has fault