Brakes come and go and scare me. Had to park it

This fir Dieselman… I am not familiar with forums, sorry, but I assume you have one to sell cars on if I needed it. The color is Jade and my neighbor/buyer named her. We both anthropomorphize our cars. His new one is Indigo. It does get thumbs up but is not perfect. You do know you can ship them lol? When I younger I went to auctions and they are many buyers from Yemen, etc.

I did see some places you can send them to. I saw one for $245. So I assume it’s done when one doesn’t want to pay the $1000 for a mc and labor on top of it? Or is for a tip-top restoration for a classic car to add value? This is not that for me, but I suppose it could be.

My comment was tongue in cheek aimed at Scrimbo’s comment.

I’m not really expecting DHL to knock at my door and say “Jaguar XJS for you”.

But you could…lol .

No. 1995.25 and up master cylinders are different from anything earlier.

Ring the specialists who actually do the sleeving.

They (should) have all the answers for you

I believe the 2 places I have heard of doing it are something like Whites and Apple Hydraulics…Google or archive search, or some US poster will know

We have an expert here in Australia, Halrays Brakes, Lismore NSW

All the local brake shops sends there, I have dealt with them direct

I also have known a local brake expert 40yrs, he is “The Rainman” of brake, he knows everything

just as an aside, I have noticed brake guys are the most psycho of any auto trade :grimacing:


Is that a yes, or a No?

It’a a no. It won’t fit.

You guys are so funny and very helpful. I think I have all the information I need. s there a way I could just close this form so I won’t keep bothering people for answers? And I want to thank everybody for the help. I’ll let you know how this comes out. Carole

Carole, I really want to know if that O’Reilley’s master cylinder is the correct one for your car. From the pictures, it looks correct. Keep us informed.


You could ask the admin to close the thread.

But since it is a forum, others may choose to continue, and benefit from, the disussion.

So just stop posting to it and let others if they choose to

Hello all! I decided to just go with Occam’s razor. Remember I’m an old lady that used to drive your basic Bonnevilles, Catalina’s and Camaros etc. and a master cylinder was no big deal. I was overwhelmed with all the information about Teves 3 and Teves 4, and anti locks, hydraulics, and everything. So I just decided to go for the simplest master cylinder I could find. I got an MC from O’reilly’s, around $200. I also bought one little refurbished one online that didn’t have a reservoir for under $60 with shipping but it had no reservoir. Then I stumbled across a person that had a car exactly like mine with the exact master cylinder and the triangular reservoir I decided to go with what’s instinctual to me… that is, if I’m looking at it and I can see it and I can see that it fits that’s the one I’m going with. I did bench bleed it and put that one on (from a donor car), cranked it up, drove out of the driveway and it worked perfectly. I’ve since put on another couple of hundred miles and it is fine. I have some pictures here of the O’reilly’s one and the one I didn’t use and my old one with a triangular reservoir. I’m 100 percent convinced the O’Reilly’s one for less than $200 is the same one and would have done the job. I’m perfectly willing to sell these to anybody cheap although I don’t know why you’d want the used one but you might want the reservoir or the little remanufactured one that was under $60. I took the O’Reilly one back as it didn’t have a reservoir, but it clearly is the same item. So now Jade is happily back on the road with no gremlins, no check engine lights, no ABS lights, nothing and I’m pretty convinced with the old school master cylinder (Teves 3?) and I feel like I was very lucky with all of that. Thank you all for the help!

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Carole, thanks for the update, keep us informed on your further adventure with the car.

Thanks again for all the help! I will list those parts for sale if anyone might want them. The whole fix was less than $250. It seems like I am usually the person for whom it goes the other way so I feel very lucky. Carole

The forum has a classifieds section where you can post the items for sale, there is a template which includes legal disclaimers to use. You can also upload photos to the site.

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Thanks Robin! Carole