Brass Boot Staples

Sounds painful. :anguished:
(related to old Dutch stapel, a pillar)

Anyway that’s what the Mark V SPC calls them. Two on the main body and two on the boot lid.
Although the saloon section doesn’t say so, the ones on the body have tapped plates welded on inside, and those for the boot lid have separate tapped plates, mentioned in the DHC section.
These are from my Mark V. Seem to be the same as for Mark IV near as I can tell.

I don’t find these staples in any of the '36-'48 parts books.
No tool tray insert either BTW, just the lid.

Here is what I have for the '38 SS main body. There is nothing inside the body to fasten these, just screw holes.

I’m thinking there is a fair load on them if used as luggage constraints, so they should have tapped plates for extra strength, rather than nuts and washers.
So does anyone else have tapped plates in there? Or just nuts and washers? Just reach under the edge of the boot opening and feel them.

Hi Rob,

I can’t remember if my car has tapped plates for the staples but I’m pretty sure they’ll be there. As you’ll no doubt have seen, the 1938/39 parts list that I sent you is not quite as comprehensive as the post war parts lists.


My IV has tapped plates. I have them on the list to be zinc plated as part of a boot area general rejuvenation. They are easy to make from stock 1"x1/8" flat bar if yours are missing. I have wondered what type of strapping was used - leather or woven, army belt style. They would have been quite long to go double over the pile of luggage.

Thanks for your responses.
Correcting myself, the strap staple is mentioned in the '36-37 parts book page 28, but no part number, just the price, 1s/3p for a set of 2.
I get the impression that the parts books improved as time went on, perhaps the writers in the office (Bill Rankin?) discovering that they forgot some part and just waiting til the next edition to put it in.
I did not find luggage straps anywhere in the SPCs, but perhaps this was a common automotive accessory, and thus not offered by SS/Jaguar. Not sure but I think Mark V was the last model to have the staples. Woven or leather are both possible in the aftermarket world, so you could just get four matching belts from the Haberdasherie men’s wear department, the kind that have snaps.
I’ll make some tapped plates for the SS just like those for my Mark V. Mine are not plated or even painted at all, though I think I will paint them just to keep them nice.

Surfing around the net I learned that these are also called Footman Loops, and are still found on Jeeps for tying down kayaks and deer.

Just a note on a similar item - the triple hinges for the tool tray lid. The base part is held on with two chromed BA screws into a tapped plate also, tucked up under the boot inner panel edge. The plate is held in place by a single c’sunk screw in the centre between the two hinge holes. I was not aware of this simple design when I was struggling with trying to hold nuts up under the boot inner panel edge, and wondered what the third hole was for. The head of the centre screw must be low enough to not foul on the underside of the hinge. I am noting this for the members that are trying to put their incomplete cars together. Many members will already know this, including me now.

These hinges are frustrating because the base piece, being of thin ‘monkey metal’, easily cracks or breaks across the screw hole line. I have several hinges with the leaves in good condition but needing bases. I will see if I can get someone to make bases in solid brass. Replacement hinges are available new, albeit expensive, but it seems a waste to throw out the good parts. Any ideas or suggestions?


Mine neither, they look like they have just been ”parkerised” or blackened with some process. They and the staples are exactly like yours, on the DHC there are different lighter staples screwed onto the wooden bow on the hood, to hold the front part rolled in the ”coupé de ville” position.


What is the purpose of these leather straps?
Do they hold the tailgate so that it does not break off under its own weight?
Do they hold luggage if the wife overloads with the number of suitcases?

Due to interior shape and size, the boot does not hold very much luggage when closed. The staples provide a tie-down spot to keep luggage secure when used with bootlid open. The tailgate has its own stops at the hinge mechanisms.

Thanks Roger. Clear.