Brass Knock Offs?

Found a guy who has a set of brass knock offs. He said they were never chromed.
They look like really nice brass, like a vintage brass instrument.
The back sides don’t look brass, but don’t look chrome either…or painted.
Is/was there ever such a thing?

do you have a picture? you can get knock off’s that look brass but sold as gold

Ok thanks. Did a quick search for gold, but couldn’t find any.
These look brass for sure. They sent a different pic of the backs, and looks brass as well.

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Albion Brockhouse were the original manufacturer of this type Jag spinner(knock off)…made from manganese bronze stamped with AB inside …repros are brass which are much heavier…i havent seen them without chrome…Steve

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Ok thanks. I think I see A B cast into the backs. So…I guess they’re originals???
Seller claims they’re original, but not ever chromed. StRaNgE.

When you think that there were thousands made im not supprised there are unplated ones around…but thats a full set…i thought i read somewhere that one of the early cars had unplated spinners or am i just imagining that?.. Steve…ps isnt difficult to acid strip chrome plating though

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Right, so they must be stripped originals. Thanks very much for the help!

On mine the chrome is either stripped off or worn off.

I kind of like the look.


Love it! That’s a great look. That bodystyle is so damn cool!
I’d like to get a 2nd set of wires to paint body color (burgundy/Imperial Maroon) and slap these bronze suckers on them.

So it would be for my '67 420 compact. Is it '50 through '67 that fit…or?

Thanks for posting Rob i knew id see photos of an older model with unchromed spinners…have you seen others or just yours…i wonder if an unchromed batch went out for use? Steve

Another with unplated spinners on front

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The car is pre-war but the spinners are post-war, and from other evidence of SS badge changes to post-war Jaguar style, my guess is that the spinners were put on the car quite soon after the war. Whether there was a shortage of chrome, or for whatever other reason, I would hesitate to make any further assumptions about it.