Bring a trailer auction of XK8 $29K

Two owner 2000 XK8 convert. sold for $26100. today, with 2000 miles!

Two owners and 2000 miles? Yes, had to get rid of it. A shame as they sure look good in the garage. Some people just don’t understand. Can’t wait to see how long it has a new owner.

2nd owner purchased in 2017 and put 400 miles on it.
I am so underwater with my 1999 XK8, what the heck it is only money.
I have noticed that the XK8 has replaced the E type at club events.
In the olden days the E types dominated as far as coming out to events,now it is the XK8.

Well, with the same underpinnings as an XJ6 , they did well in sedan racing, but I would not race my car anyway. Interesting to learn that…