Broadsport Trans Oil?

(Huff) #1

Instructions say to use “SAE 80 gear oil” (not ATF or the like like some of the MT75 trans’ use)- for those that are running this box in the E, or other swap, which oil are you using?


Huff 69 2+2

(melloyello) #2

Has anyone Installed this transmission yet?
I remember in the description it said modification to body MAY be required?
Has anyone not had to modify for install in to SWB E?

(PeterCrespin) #3

I put one of the group-buy boxes in a customer’s FHC last year when I installed the engine he brought for rebuild. By playing with spacers I avoided cutting the cross member but as that put the output flange slightly closer at the top, I cut and rewelded the tunnel top very slightly where it fastens to the cover at the back. If it had been my car I would have tried without, maybe, but I really didn’t want to have to do it twice for someone else.

As for Huff’s lube question, it never crossed my mind to second guess the gearbox maker and ask a bunch of forum buddies whether they knew better than the supplier…

(69 FHC ) #4

A question to consider: Would it void any warranties to put in something different than what the manufacturer recommends?

(Huff) #5

Ergo, I take it you put in SAE80. Just for curiosity sake- remember which brand, by chance?

My question really is to find out if multi-weight oils are typically used in lieu of a single weight (i.e…75/85 in place of 80W) and, in specific, historically and empirically what has transpired with what degrees of success, relayed; has the car that got the trans transplant been driven, yet?

John- as far as warranty…I am not not there is any offered as there is no box-specific enumeration to track a case (literally & figuratively). It is a good point- I will check with the supplier and as about multi-weight oils, while at it.



(PeterCrespin) #6

I don’t recall what brand I used but it was whatever spec they said.

Yes the car was collected by the customer a week or two later. He got back to me about something else last week for the first time since. Seemed happy enough. There is a bar code label on top IIRC. Think that’s the box !D #

(Huff) #7

Next time your client is in touch could you inquire as to any elaboration regarding the Broadsport box?

Inquired to Broad- This is their response (I was asking about using 75/85W [synthetic] oil):

"The warranty from the company who supply the gearbox is 12 months from the date of sale. The oil doesn’t play a major factor as long as it falls inside the parameters of what they expect.

So a 75/85 multi will work in the gearbox and won’t void the warranty (still best to ask and check), however that is quite a thin oil and the thinner the oil the more noise you will get from the gearbox as classic cars don’t have much in the way of sound deadening.

I hope this answers your questions


Tom Norton"