Bubblespet XF not picking up acceleration as normal

Hi, I’m on here for the first time so bare with me. I have a 2016 XF 2.0d Ingenium (180) which has covered all but 75000 miles. Recently I have noticed that pick up from slowing down appears to be slowing down and then comes in quite suddenly. I have been told by another Jag lover that it sounds like the timing chain has started to stretch. A Jag specialist garage told me that if thats right then you cant fit a new timing chain and the car will need a new engine at around £6000. Does anyone know if thats right or is someone rattling my cage. Can a new chain be fitted and if so any idea of price and where to get it done in N.West . Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome Brian. I’m not familiar with that engine as its not an option here in the United States. That being said, the idea that a new engine must be obtained and the existing timing chain cannot be replaced sounds very suspicious. If its determined that the chain has stretched and has not yet caused any kind of internal interference, why wouldn’t it be able to be replaced? Makes no sense.

BTW, are you sure your engine has a chain and not a timing belt?

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Did they mention anything about the chain being on the back of the engine requiring removal of the whole thing to gain access? That may be what they’re up against, though I still don’t know why it would require replacement of the entire engine unless other parts are bad as well.

Thanks for your reply Brett. I am waiting till after the weekend to find out at my local Jaguar agent about what you have told me.

Im not sure whether its a chain or belt, I will find out tomorrow hopefully and take it from there.
Thanks for your input

It doesnt make sense though. Its slow then goes fast etc. Is your dpf fine? Sounds like something is blocked there. Also 75k miles is a mileage when timing chain replacement is not a shock. Also those turbo intercooler pipes could have air leak somewhere