Bucket seat backs xk150

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Description:two bucket seat backs ,bolts on to existing seat base , as new ,may fit other cars ,very well made in red leather with cloth back .advertised for £600 on eBay .

Asking price (if selling):300 o.n.o.

Location:nr Canterbury U.K.

Contact information:

Cost of shipping (if selling):pick up only .

Willing to ship worldwide? No

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

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Still for sale .

Still for sale , offers concidered . Thanks

Still for sale offers concidered

Still for sale offers concidered

I need something just like those, but they need to fit my 140 base seats. Jag didn’t happen to leave them the same size as the earlier car, did they? IOW, do you think I can remove my 140 DHC back and install these?

Hi Bob , I have tried to find the difference between xk140 and the 150 , but it’s hard to get a definite answer, but I noticed you are in the U.S. it might be better to over there as it’s not something I would like to post internationally, due to the cost and maybe damage.

Regards Chris


Are these the ones made by BAS? I have the BAS bucket seats on my XK 120, but tried to make them look more like the original Jaguar bucket seats without the pleats. But the backs (without pleats) are looking a bit “plain”. See pic below.
Might be interested if they fit the BAS version and for that reason my question: could you measure the distance between the lower sections of the side wings? For the BAS version there are three threaded holes each side to fit the hinge bracket.
We could work out a solution for transport to Holland if they are correct for BAS.


Bob K.

Hi Bob they are made in the UK , I think Aldridge trimming make them , good quality but not bas sorry

Now reduced to,£200.

There’s a guy online on Facebook trying to sell those seat backs. He’s even using your photos of them next the silver Jag.

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Yes , a lot of scams on FB….

I have replied to someone else about this, I definitely have not sold them, I certainly would not have sent them to the U.S due to post costs.
Thanks Chris

He’s also trying to sell a set of SUs for an XK140. Total scammer. I asked for a different photo of the seat backs without the 150FHC in the background - to prove he had the proper seat backs. He sent a partial photo of a single seat back in a different shade of red with only 6 pleats. Previously all photos had the FHC in the photo and they were your photos of seats with 9 pleats in a nice shade of red, not maroon. And now he’s offline and not bugging me on email and texts to send money immediately.
This guy should br banned from the forum.

Do you have a user name for him?

If anyone has any identifying details such as phone numbers, email address let us know so we can search the user lists and also try and keep an eye out in the future.

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Just Carlos Auto Parts and Carlos J Castro.
He likes to use Facebook Messenger, but t yesterday he signed off from there. He still had the 140 SUs on the Facebook site for XK 120 140 150 E type Keep them on the Road forum.

I think he’s in hiding now.


We banned him last year, thanks for the info. Everyone should always be vigilant when using the internet as there are always bad actors.


Too true. Way too many scammers.