Bucking at 2500 rpm

I’m a stick in the mud. I rebuild and drive E types because of what they are. I don’t feel the need to try to change or improve them.

I have a daily drive Toyota car that is perfect, reliable, very comfortable and utterly soulless. It is transport. No more.

Dad has a Prius hybrid that is now 8 years old. As it will be totally uneconomical to replace the batteries when it dies (soon) it will go to scrap. So much for the environment.


Remove and ditch the batteries (sorry, recycle the batteries) and drive the Prius as a normal petrol engined car. Now lightened the fuel consumption should improve. And no one will know it’s no longer a hybrid!

eh, it’s the “amps” is what my dad always said (touching the bare wires with the back of his hand to determine current flow so as not to clamp-on!!!)

It’s a shame Toyota wasn’t more on the ball with that. The latest reports about Tesla batteries is that they’re exceeding expectations. As we’re coming up on the expiration of the Model S 8 year warranty, owners are experiencing just a few percentage points of degradation after 70-80k miles. They may end up being 200k+ mile cars after all.


The Prius was designed with more recyclable material than most older cars, plus the li-ion batteries will get recycled.

Win-win for the environment!

Plus, I have a couple of friends, who have over 300,000 miles on their Prii (one an original 1997 model, the other a 2009), both on original batteries and drivetrains.

Win-win for the environment!

Go grab a plug wire: get back to me about yer silly amps!


Have a look at the older Jaguars XJS and even XJ220, but any vehicle pre '96, they are virtually not repairable if an ECU fails, as no parts are available.

Even if one of many sensors or associated wiring fails, you will have a hell of a time

Paul, only the plug in Prius uses Lithium batteries. All the others use nickel.

They use/used both.

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You’re a fast responder!

Indeed, and given that almost all of both types of batteries are recycled… win-win!

Fingers of fire:grimacing:

I always said you were clever.

Reminds me of my impoverished student days.

I had a 20 year old Holden Camira that cost me $200. They joke about Lucas, the Prince of Darkness. That car was cursed.