Built-in, three button, GARAGE DOOR OPENER. Any ideas on getting it to work?

I have a 2001 model convertible, and it has the garage opener feature. I have tried the usual methods of syncing it with my opener, but nothing seems to work. A tiny light comes on when you push any button, and holding the outer two does not bring on a flashing signal that it is trying to link up with the opener. Any ideas or suggestions would sure be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

HOLDING to outer 2 buttons will ERASE all programmed opener functions.

The owners manual has the configuration procedure but there are iterations of ROLLING CODE and non-ROLLING CODE openers.

The car is over 20 years old and many newer openers have different technology.

My NEW (shop) Chamberlain opener (3 years old) will NOT pair with and of my X308s OR X100s.

The house unit is about 15 years old and works fine with ALL my older rolling code Jaguars.

The AMBER indicator light signifies a ROLLING CODE transmitter and the RED light is NON-ROLLING CODE. (about 1998 and earlier)

The X300, X308 and X100 all use the same technology for that era.
Here are some TSBs we got when I worked at the dealer dealing with these issues.

15-10 Universal Garage Door Opener.pdf (13.6 KB)
15-11Garage Door Opener.pdf (16.7 KB)
15-48 Rolling Code Garage Door Opener.pdf (116.6 KB)

I did read somewhere that you can buy an ‘adapter’ transceiver to link between an old transmitter and a newer GDO receiver.

It will take your old signal and re-transmit it to the newer GDO unit in a form recognized by the receiver.

Motorcarman is right. There is a thing called a Bridge that can link an older Homelink to newer garage door openers, and may be you answer.

That may be the answer, as I tried the usual procedure several times, even tried pushing the in-CAR button several times after the programming. Thanks for all the help and advice. Now to shop for the ‘bridge’.

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