Bulbs on door lights?

Hi guys, I have a (probably simple) question: What kind of lighbulb goes into the door lights? One of mine blew. but there seem to be different types of these tiny “all glass” lightbulbs.


Something about the type or model year of your car would help.

As you are going to take the bulb out to replace it, why not just do that and take it to your local FLAPS?

Right, sorry! It’s an 84 XJ6.

What is FLAPS

Oh, I guess it stands for auto parts store. Yeah, might do that. But they charge stupid prices for everything, I’d rather know the type and then buy like 10 online for the price that one would cost at an auto parts store.

Once its out just google automotive bulbs and you will find one that looks like the one you want.
And yes Friendly Local Automotive Parts Store.


and 20 characters…

Thanks Aristides, BTW you only need 10 now🙂

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Ordinary festoon bulb, 6W, about 4cm long.

He’s talking about the W5W (T10) bulbs that go into the 4 doors, not the interior lights (which are 10W in the SI?)

Which “Door Lights” are you asking about. The “puddle lights” beneath the arm rests in the XJ6 Vanden Plas models?

Or the “B Pillar” lights located between the front and rear doors near the headliner?

Or perhaps the lights on the rear of the doors?


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