Bulkhead Dents- leave or fix?

Ok, so the bulkhead on my XK120 DHC is a little denty. I’ve made it better, but as I look at pictures on the net and in the books, it looks like MOST bulkheads were dented to the point it looks like they threw hammers for sport in the factory. Should I just leave it, or make it smooth through metalwork? I am trying to get to concourse here, and am not sure if a denty bulkhead will make a difference or not since it looks like most of them suffer the same issue.

Silver is from the book and black is mine at this point.

Mine is not dented at all anywhere.

There are distinct hammer marks under original paint on mine on the left side panel immediately next to the bulkhead and to the side of the windshield wiper motor.

Interesting. I want to stay close to the factory look, so I may just get it close and call it a day. The dents are EXACTLY the same in all the pics- up and to the left of the (us) Driver hinge, Around the wiper grommet hole and around the tach cable hole. Either hammer fun at the facotry, or maybe careless bonnet movement and binding cables in the case of the cables?

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I get the sense that the engine compartment was free game for last minute body panel adjustments. Mine has definite hammer head marks, not gentle panel beating taps.

No dents or hammer marks.

Could it be something to do with installing heaters in cars that didn’t originally have them?