Bulletin Database & The Coventry Foundation

Very pleased to be collaborating with the Coventry Foundation (George Camp) to further develop the Bulletin Database. With many gaps still present and little information over here in the U.K. regarding the U.S. Bulletins issued, their assistance is already proving extremely helpful.

Earlier this week, I received (courtesy of George) a package containing a set of USA Technical Service Bulletins spanning the period 1969 to 1975. This is a contribution that I am extremely grateful for and will go a long way to filling in some much needed information. Thank you!!

I have now commenced the process of scanning them and uploading their content into the database. Many of these correlate to the parallel U.K. series of Service Bulletins and Service Information sheets published in the same period and, as per the screenshot below, will be cross-referenced accordingly in the database.:

More updates in due course.

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good work…now if Jaguar LR would allow copy and distribution of early period Factory Service Bulletins and Technical data all those who maintain and restore classic Jaguars will benefit, as will JLR as these cars will be on the road and at shows for many years to come, which promotes the excellence, and public interest of the brand. The Heritage Department should be pleased to permit this. And the Coventry Foundation’s support is appreciated. Nick