Bump stop gap series 3

Hello, just wanting to know the gaps people have for this bump stop at ride height for xj6 series 3. I’m trialing springs and want to get a fairly stock measurement as a base line to work from. Photo shows no weight on the suspension. Thanks in advance brendan


I’m not sure whether the position of the bump stops even has indicative value for ride height in the first place, but it seems even more doubtful whether the position of our bump stops is indicative after 40+ years of sagging springs …

If originality is your concern, you might wish to simply look at the factory specs. My handbook indicates for SII cars that the rear suspension front lower mounting point have a height above ground of 45.3 cm and the rear suspension rear lower mounting point of 44.8 cm.

Others will chime in as for SIII specs. Hope this helps as a starting point.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

As Jochen states, Brendan - bump stop gap is not the way to assess spring replacement…

The specs given for ride height is measured from ground to the centre of the outer headlamps - 611 mm or 24 5/8" front. Minimum and equal on both sides. At the rear; 189 +/- 6 mm, or 7,45" ± 0,25" - measured from ground to the lower surface of the rear cross member. Each side equal…

These settings will give the appropriate bump stop gap - buthe specs for this is not given…

As an aside - the front suspension may be adjusted with packing rings on the spring seats - the rears are not adjustable. When removing the front springs; count the number and placing of packing rings…

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