Bumper question

I overextended my hood after removing the hood shocks… The black plastic part on top of the bumper that covers the hinges… broke…Not sure what its called or where I can find one. Can anyone offer a part or part number?
1989 XJS Collection Rouge.

Thank you

Hello Roland - are you talking about the grille section that goes across the front - you may have a chance at contacting one of the salvage places for this part.

If you can verify that one from a 94 will fit, I have one.

The grille from a '94 will fit, I installed one on my '83. However, I’m not sure we’re talking about a grille here. Sounds like the OP is asking about the flat black plastic panel that sits on top of the bumper – which I suppose a '94 wouldn’t even have, since by then Jaguar had moved on to the body-color bumper covers.

Thank you Team!
Kibert is right. Looking for part number or the part itself. Black plastic piece across top of bumper