Bumper removal for 1996 XJS

Anyone know how to remove the front and rear bumpers for a 119 XJS?

I know I wrote an answer to that question a while back.
Maybe it was on another forum, since a search didn’t find it.
There are tons of steps to follow and I think I’m too old to remember, but I’ll try.

  1. Remove both front headlight access panels so you can access the inside bumper brackets, corner lights and turn signal connectors, disconnect them all.
  2. Remove the brackets at both inside ends of the bumper cover.
    There are two ways you can remove the brackets.
    What will save you some work is to remove the bracket from the cover, the other is to remove the brackets from the body braces, which will mean pulling out the cover to pass by the braces and If you do that you will lose what ever bumper alignment is set.
  3. If you can, avoid destroying the undertray rubber speed nuts along the lip where it is attached to the cover, or the plastic fasteners that hold the top of the cover to the bumper beam.( both of these fasteners are NLA, but I think I may have some new ones I was saving, if necessary, NOT CHEAP). Unless there are some fasteners I forgot, it should not be necessary to detach the bumper cover from the undertray.
  4. There are two recessed points in the undertray where there are bolts attaching it to the front cross member. There are two large bolts that join the bumper beam to the collision shocks.
    These are the collision energy absorbing system components.
    You can access them from under the bumper cover where there are cut outs.
    They are above the grill.
  5. If you have factory installed fog lights, they will be in the way to slide the cover off.
    I think that is close to all the steps.